Application Instructions for Self Adhesive Whiteboard Films

If your self adhesive whiteboards are big. You will need four hands and a little patience.

Measure to be sure you have enough space. Ideal surfaces are flat and smooth such as painted walls, old worn whiteboards and chalkboards. Your Write-On whiteboard should not be installed on a newly painted surface. Most painted surfaces require a minimum of 24 days to completely cure.

It is vital that you clean the surface thoroughly before applying the self adhesive whiteboard. The surface must be dry prior to applying the whiteboard.

Peel back 15cm of the liner to reveal the self stick backing. Apply the exposed edge of the roll to the surface that you are covering. One person should hold the roll from the bottom slowly drawing the backing away while the other person smooths the material on the wall or chalkboard from the centre of the roll towards the edges.

You can use your hand or a soft cloth to smooth the material. Be sure to work bubbles towards the edges. The material is repositionable so you can lift it off of the wall and reapply it if necessary.